HPG Products brief overview

Helios Power Group offers state-of-the-art products, used for the production of Renewable Energy. As a major contractor for Ready to Build projects, HPG is very competitive in the marketplace.
Today’s Green Energy Project Development environment is a challenging combination of opportunity and rapid change.
Helios Power Group understands that today’s leading Green Energy Project Developers must not only be able deliver projects using top-notch technological solutions, but must be positioned and organized in such a way as to be able to do so quickly and cost effectively.
Developers spend long periods of time, and expend significant resources, in order to mount and gain all of the approvals for, their project. When it is finally ready to roll, developer and / or initiators can have access to the HPG services:


  • teaser, business plans, feasibility studies which are accepted by sponsors for financing,
  • High quality systems components at competitive prices
  • Competent and competitive EPC services
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • Construction Financing
  • Long-Term and bridge Financing with active support
  • Equity Partners
  • Project Buyers
Helios Power Group has dedicated itself to the efficient and cost-effective provision of the full range of products and services required to rapidly exploit and implement Green Energy Projects around the world. We have made it our business to foster the relationships, and to provide the tools and resources, which Project Developers need to get their projects out of the planning stages…and into production.
As a result, Helios Power Group is now the Project Consolidator of choice on literally scores of Commercial and Utility-scale projects.
Helios Power Group currently provides comprehensive solutions for Biomass, Biogas (Biomethane), Solar and Wind Project Developers.


  1. PV panels
    1. We are currently highlighting a 310 Wp Mono Panel, with a 1.66 sqm frame, PERC cut, double glass, with DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) delivery in Europe, USA/Canada. Features a 30-year Limited Warranty on output and 12-year Limited Warranty on the Product. For inquiries: PVsales@helios-p0wer-group..com
    2. For the EU market, all deliveries are DDP, from Tier-One and Bloomberg-listed PV panels
    3. Check with us for Special Terms of Payment, and Financing options
    4. We have an Ontario, Canada office, servicing both the United States and Canada, where we deliver CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) and DDP. For enquiries: tom.canada@helios-power-group.com
  2. Mounting Structures: Patented and per-folded , ALU and/or Galvanized Steel (20-year warranty for the Romanian market)
  3. Lithium Batteries and storage systems
  4. Wiring and Cables: High quality for PV and other use
  5. Inverters from market leaders
  6. HPG Sun Catcher: The efficient way to produce, and store, Renewable Energy for home use (and other special applications)
  7. Solar Fridges and Air Conditioners
  8. LED Lighting Systems for inside and outside use
  9. Wire Coatings for Naval use

for further information’s please get in touch