HPG what we do

HPG was established in 2008 in Pudong, Shanghai, China by a group of investors, developers, suppliers and lawyers; from China, Europe and the United States.

In accordance with the the needs and wishes of our clients, HPG expanded as a mediator for a range of business solutions (expat services, import and export, business contacts and relations) in China (Shanghai, Suzhou and the free-trading Zone in Shanghai). Whether you are buying, leasing or selling, for private or business use, our licensed Chinese and German teams will be pleased to serve you.
And we speak your language! We provide services in Chinese, German, English, Japanese, Korean, Italian and French.
Helios Power Group (HPG), in Shanghai, is in charge of the groups responsible for sourcing and supplying business; focusing on Solar, Biomass, Wind, Smart Grid, Inverter, Lighting (traditional and LED), and related consulting services. Helios Power Group Shanghai is a subsidiary of HPG Hong Kong.
Over the years, HPG has developed a potent network of Investors, Financing Partners, Suppliers, Lawyers and other professionals, which plays a major role in our ability to service our Clients. An important example of this, is our ability to offer very direct and high-level access to major players in the Chinese energy marketplace.
Today, HPG has excellent access to high-quality component supply partners, including preferred pricing arrangements, for PV Panels, Mounting Structures, Wiring, Wind and Water Turbines, Inverter and more. For further information, please refer to section: HPG products.
With our strong connections to, and close relationships with, top factories in China, we are in a solid position to act as a Procurement Services Provider, for our international clients…helping them to solve their main supply concerns:
– Supplier scouting and sourcing
– Commercial and Technical negotiation
– Supplier audit and quality inspection
– Logistics and Delivery Sourcing
– Cost Controls
We have successfully helped Clients, from around the world, to enhance their supply chains and to increase their procurement values – especially as it relates to quality. Our key service advantages in this realm are transparency, independence and personalized supply chain work. Our model is the provision of supplementary services, where Clients sign Contracts with Suppliers directly.
– Consultative Sourcing
– Business contacts
– Reference Checking
Our primary business focus is the facilitation of successfully completed Projects in the field of Renewable Energy.
For international customers who are establishing a physical presence in China, the integration of their employees into the Chinese work world and lifestyle is often a challenge. In response to this need, we are happy to be able to offer complete Expat Services (please see the special section on this website for more details HPG expat service for China)
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