HPG financing service

HPG uses a proven funding system, time-tested over more than 30 years, developed by a German / USA Law Firm (with offices in the United States), which employs the resources of the Banks of the supplier, and utilizes Private and Institutional Sponsors.
  1. Investor service
    1. HPG set up a business plan
    2. HPG identifies suitable Investors in their network
    3. HPG does the Mediation between Client and Investor
  2. Joint Venture service
    1. HPG offers to Project-Initiators their joint venture financing system
    2. Initiator and HPG set up a project SPV.
    3. HPG provides a part of the equity, credit rating service, bridge and/or end financing
  3. Supplier finance
    1. HPG provides supplier finance and/or special terms of payment
When we arrange for the supply of Project Components for a Client, HPG offers tailor-made Financing Solutions for the procurement of:
  1. BOS work
  2. EPC
  3. Developmemt
  4. State of the art parts
    1. PV panels
    2. Mounting Structures
    3. Wiring
    4. Inverters
    5. Wind Turbines
    6. Waste to Energy Plants,
    7. Biomass, Biogas,
    8. Pyrolysis Systems for:
      1. Tires
      2. Plastic
      3. Municipal Waste
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