HPG N-Type PV panels

N-Type PV panels,
the next generation of effcient PV panels

The HPG highlights:
warranty back up with A+ unsurer
OPEN account possible

breaking news:
N Type flexible with DEKRA cerificate,
N Type full black

  • Parts
    • PV panels N Type mono, double glass, bifacial, 420 Wp frontside, 366 Wp back side on 2 sqm surface
      • 1st year -1% degradation –
        • competitors MONO/halfcut -3,5%
      • 2nd to 30th year -0,40% degradation,
        • competitors MONO/halfcut- 0,7%
      • 30th year 87,4% performance
        • competitors MONO/halfcut 80,18 after 25 years
    • Patented ceramic coated backside
    • Anti-fire and anti-explosion TUEV certificate
    • A+ insurer warranty back-up, 12 years workmanship, 30 years performance, fully paid
    • One axis tracker, CHIKO
    • 185 kWh Huawei inverter with special tracking software and monitoring,
    • TV broadcasting to associated offices or shops,
    • Cable in military quality and anti-theft and fire coated with Red Rhino polymer
    • Cleaning and multi-purpose robot vehicle
    • Fends and security system military quality anti-theft coated with Red Rhino polymer
    • Drone monitored

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